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La Birria Taqueria is a restaurant specialized in preparing birria tacos, a traditional dish of Mexican cuisine. This restaurant is located in a privileged location in the city, making it a meeting point for those who want to try authentic Mexican birria.


Birria tacos are one of the most popular dishes in Mexico and many other countries. Birria is a stew made with beef or lamb that is slowly cooked in a mixture of chilies and spices, giving it a unique and delicious flavor. At La Birria Taqueria, you can enjoy these tacos with all the traditional accompaniments, such as cilantro, onions, and lime.


Whether you are a local or a tourist, La Birria Taqueria is a must-visit restaurant in Miami for anyone who wants to experience the authentic flavors of Mexican cuisine. So come on over and indulge in some delicious birria tacos!


Tacos Tuesday

The “All You Can Eat Tacos” promotion at Birria Taqueria is an exciting offer available every Tuesday, known as Taco Tuesday. During this day, diners can indulge in as many tacos as they want from the delicious birria menu offered by the taqueria.


The promotion has a unique ordering system. Customers can request their tacos in sets of three. This means that once they finish their initial three tacos, they can order three more, and so on, until they are satisfied. This approach allows for a variety of flavors and keeps the tacos fresh.


The cost of this promotion is $24.99 for lunch (lunch) and $29.99 for dinner (dinner). This fixed price entitles diners to enjoy all the tacos they can eat during the promotion. It’s an excellent opportunity for birria and taco lovers to satisfy their appetites and indulge in the traditional flavors offered by the taqueria.


Not only is it a tempting offer, but it also provides a social and friendly experience. Diners can gather with friends or family and enjoy a plentiful and flavorful meal together. The “All You Can Eat Tacos” promotion at Birria Taqueria is a perfect way to sample a variety of birria tacos without worrying about the price or quantity.


So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to indulge in an authentic birria taco feast at Taqueria!

Events & Functions

La Birria Taqueria also offers event services for those who want to host their special occasions at their restaurant. Their friendly and professional staff can assist in planning and organizing events such as birthday parties, corporate events, and family gatherings. They can also customize menus to suit specific dietary requirements or preferences.


With their delicious food and excellent service, La Birria Taqueria is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add some authentic Mexican flavor to their special occasions. Contact them today to learn more about their catering and event services!

Daily Special Dishes

If you’re looking for delicious birria tacos delivered straight to your door in Doral, look no further than La Birria Taqueria. This renowned brand in Miami has now made their authentic Mexican cuisine available for delivery, so you can enjoy their delicious tacos from the comfort of your own home.


La Birria Taqueria uses only the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to create their mouth-watering birria tacos. Their menu also includes other Mexican favorites like quesadillas and burritos, all made with the same dedication to quality and authenticity.


Thanks to their excellent reputation in Miami, La Birria Taqueria is a trusted brand that you can rely on for great food and reliable delivery service. So why not order some birria tacos today and experience the authentic flavors of Mexico in the comfort of your own home?

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